Nicole Arshravan


Nicole is the fuel that powers the Jarvis Recruitment Group Rocketship. Her job title should be CXO as she wears many hats including Chief Diversity, Chief Equality, Chief People, and Chief Fun Officer. Nicole spends the majority of her time ensuring the wellbeing and happiness of the groups employees and managing the internal administrative operations on the group. She is also responsible for employee benefits, she leads internal recruitment, and organizes company events. She is the cultural champion of Jarvis and works alongside Kevin to drive the core values through the business.

Before joining Jarvis Recruitment Group, as employee No. 1, Nicole was the Head of Recruitment for Frank Group. Today, Nicole is the COO of the fastest growing Recruitment Company in the world.

Why I love Jarvis: The concept that first attracted me towards JRG was Kevin’s notion to create an employee centric business. Having previously worked with Kevin, I knew that this business couldn’t be more different, and ultimately would hold contrasting values than most large successful corporate businesses. We would have to challenge the status quo- long hours, minimal pay, micromanagement and frat like cultures won’t be up to par with our standards. Today we have an extremely unique business with amazing benefits and a fantastic team. I never thought I would be able to maintain my position while also giving birth to my first child, but thanks to our processes, systems, and culture I can work remotely and still be highly effective.